The single biggest benefit to our company since moving to JR-Tech has been security and reliability. I have a peace of mind and I don’t feel like I’m in a hostage situation like I did with previous providers.

JR-Tech are forward looking people dedicated to being in front of the power curve, avoiding problems instead of fixing them. Their team responds quickly to our needs. 24 hour coverage. JR-Tech is a vanguard to our security.

JR-Tech’s organization and availability of their help desk is head and shoulders better than other IT firms we’ve worked with before. The biggest benefit to our company working with JR-Tech is working with their technical support staff. They are the most helpful and friendly team we’ve ever worked with.

The biggest benefit JR Tech has provided my company is updating our previous patchwork of servers and systems into a cohesive system that was able to expand and adjust seamlessly as our company experienced exponential growth in sales and the number of users. JR Tech partners with me and my company keeping our best interest in mind. They emphasize customer satisfaction and stand by that philosophy.

The biggest benefit to using JR-Tech has been that we get consistent, timely response to our issues and support tickets. JR-Tech is superior from other IT firms through their process driven approach including support tickets, capture and documentation of our IT environment, resolutions and reference for lessons learned which improves their response times and efficiency for us.

The biggest benefit to MCA and me for using JR-Tech has been the comprehensiveness of services. JR-Tech has great response time on problems. In monitoring our servers, backups, anti-virus, etc., I have peace of mind.

“In A Word…Security” 

“JR-Tech provides excellent security for our server.  They handle our help desk tickets quickly and they are extremely kind and helpful.” 

“I Highly Recommend JR-Tech” 

“One of the biggest benefits with JR-Tech is their friendly and quick turnaround time. I like their reporting and report card. It is something we are considering doing with our own clients.  With multiple local techs available and their ability to prioritize calls, I highly recommend JR-Tech! 

“Taking us to the next level of security” 

“JR-Tech is taking us to the next level of security by helping us with difficult security issues. Compare what other IT companies provide to JR-Tech. JR-Tech provides superior software and hardware solutions than other IT firms.  In addition to freeing up the time of our internal staff, JR-Tech provides quick resolution of simple issues and is able to handle complex issues with ease.” 

“Far Superior To Any Other IT Firm 

“We are completely satisfied with JR-Tech. JR-Tech is better at everything than our previous IT providers. The biggest benefit to our company is the elimination of down-time. The few problems we have had were corrected quickly and resulted in getting people back to work right away. We appreciate their communications. It is quick and easy to get a problem to their attention and they have been excellent at explaining the issue cause and resolution. They are far superior to any other IT firm we have used in the past.” 

“JR-Tech is ‘out of sight, out of mind’.  They are constantly working proactively to keep our company up and running.  We don’t have major issues sneak up and create downtime.  Minor issues are a phone call away, and they are very responsive to our needs.”

Knowing that no matter what happens, JR-Tech is going to be there for us, is the best thing that happened to our company. I have lost no more sleep over computer problems after hiring JR-Tech. I didn’t imagine that it could have been this good of a change. If I had to sum up JR-Tech in a sentence, it would be this: JR-Tech provides exceptional service you can depend on!

One thing we really appreciate about JR-Tech is their process of evaluating the costs of new products versus the functionality / usefulness of that product on our business. Plus the ability of JR-Tech to watch our money/spending like it was their own.

I love that whenever something needs to be handled, all it takes is one phone call to JR-Tech and the problem is solved… Best customer service ever!

JR-Tech fixes the problem in a timely manner and doesn’t kill my check book.

Our previous systems were not reliable enough, nor were the IT companies competent enough to keep us up and running all the time. JR-Tech was able to overcome all intermittent productivity drops (which in our case was the ability to report work and jobs completed with thousands of photos attached to work orders daily). After JR-Tech became our sole provider of Computer related and technical services we never had to worry about IT issues shutting us down or slowing us down.

With JR-Tech we are able to complete our daily work without having to wait for something to be fixed. They resolve issues quickly and remotely. They have increased our productivity.

JR-Tech is very responsive and dependable. They provide clear information and resolution of issues. They have automated and improved our workflow, and increased our productivity.

The most important factors that influenced our decision to go with JR-Tech was their knowledge about our existing system and future IT issues we may encounter, network security, and costs.

JR-Tech has excellent customer service and a great product. Their response time to IT requests are quick. We are less stressed, worried, and aggravated. We are impressed by their knowledge and ability to support our needs.

The company had grown to the point where we needed professional help. JR-Tech was able to offer a wide range of services and meet all our needs. They are knowledgeable, fast, reliable, and honest. Our biggest benefit has been the ability to expand with confidence knowing that we can provide a higher degree of service to our clients. And we are able to complete work orders in a fraction of the time.

The most important factors for in choosing JR-Tech was their PATIENCE, skills & expertise. Plus their fairness in pricing.

JR-Tech always provides a quick turnaround for tasks being complete and guarantees their work. With our office running on a network, it is important to us that problems are resolved quickly and JR-Tech and employees always deliver.

We were ecstatic about the improvements that JR-Tech made to our software, hardware, and IT process overall. We went from an old, tired 20 year old server computer to a state-of-the-art technology cabinet with new servers, new computers, and current, legal software. Not only that, but JR-Tech has also implemented a VOIP phone system that saves us a ton of money each month, and has implemented networking solutions as we have grown over the years.

Fast emergency service is extremely important to our company. If anything “went down,” or stopped working it could be disastrous since, in our industry everything is time sensitive. Any down time would be devastating to our work load. JR-Tech is extremely dependable. A huge PLUS when working with any IT related needs.

The cost of the service we were receiving from our old IT company seemed extremely high, and simple tasks weren’t being completed. We no longer have to make multiple requests for an issue to be resolved, and is handled well before our contracted time requires. Before I had to speak with different individuals depending on the issue. Now I have one point of contact to handle all of problems and future planning.

JR-Tech’s advice and counsel helped me understand my options and make an informed decision on how to set up my wired and wireless network.

Once we hired JR-Tech, we no longer had to spend time working on our IT system ourselves and could focus on what we do as a business. From that day, JR-Tech handled everything we needed, and I no longer had to worry about any of it.

Our expectations were that our system would be upgraded, maintained and improved upon as needed to keep us on the cutting edge of our industry with our computers and software. Our expectations have been exceeded. We grew much larger, much quicker than we anticipated and our computer network had to be maintained and grown to keep up with the demands of our industry. JR-Tech set up our system and grew it while keeping us up and running so there was not any downtime while we initially upgraded. As we continued to grow, JR-Tech, provided dependable and professional computer related services that we needed to be successful.

We were concerned transitioning from anther IT company to JR-Tech. They were able to transition our systems to our office quickly from the other IT company’s office quickly, and begin a process to update our systems. The entire process was clearly explained including any set backs that may occur.

Expertise, Reliability, and Professionalism were the main factors that influenced our decision to retain JR-Tech. We needed a company that was current with fresh technology and solutions but not pushing unnecessary bells and whistles.

When discussing our current IT situation and what decisions we could make in the future we felt comfortable that JR Tech would find the best solution for our company in terms of functionality and cost. Their competitors didn’t seem to grasp exactly what we wanted at a fair price.

JR-Tech was professional, well-recommended, responsive, and solved our problems with new and innovative solutions.