All of the minutes add up!

When you are working on important tasks the minutes you invest add up and accumulate.

Cybersecurity may not be the most urgent matter on your plate, but it is very important. Within cybersecurity, there are many tools to help protect your business (at JR-Tech we use “best in class”, next gen tools) but employee training tends to be overlooked.

Even with all of the latest software and technology that is out there, you need to work on building up and strengthening your first line of cybersecurity defense.  It is HUMANS that are the first point of defense. Specifically, your employees are your first line of defense. If they aren’t aware of what the risks are and informed on how to react to threats, then they won’t know how to react and defend your business. 

How do you build your human firewall? You build it with ongoing employee cybersecurity training. The minutes spent in cybersecurity training add up and accumulate to build your human firewall.

No need to put it off until one day, we’ve got it for you all ready to deploy. 

With our ongoing training program and interactive phishing component, each employee will learn to address and remedy their shortcomings when it comes to cybersecurity.  Additionally, each person will get a security score that they can use for challenges and accountability within your team. 

Our employee cybersecurity training is turnkey for your company, easy to get started and best of all FREE.  Simply call us at 951-319-4080.