You are charged and held responsible for ensuring your IT systems are always up, running and secure so there’s zero downtime, zero data loss and zero security breaches – and you’re good at it. You perform admirably under the incessant, relentless pressure and crushing workload put upon you, often without sufficient resources.  

     A miracle worker. 

Let’s talk candidly. Very few people truly understand the daily life of an IT leader of a company… 

The incredibly LONG hours, crushing workload, millions of tiny details you need to pay attention to, constant complaints and problems crossing your desk, new projects cropping up, escalating cyber security threats, new technologies you need to learn, difficult end users who refuse to follow your recommendations, much-needed maintenance looming and impossible deadlines and URGENCY on EVERYTHING to keep production lines up and running.  

It’s the ultimate dilemma: You have the RESPONSIBILITY but not the ABILITY because you do not have the resources, time or budget to fix it. You need help! Unless your management team is extremely understanding, you could be in a no-win situation where your hard work, your reputation and possibly even your career are placed in peril when such an event happens. 

This is EXACTLY why we’ve innovated a new concept called “Co-Managed IT” to provide IT leaders like you – a solution – that is:  

1) reliably effective to ensure your organization is prepared,

2) affordable,  

3) customized to YOUR specifications, 

In short, Co-Managed IT is a way for CIOs and IT leaders of growing companies to fill in the gaps and get the helping hands, specialized expertise and automation tools they need WITHOUT the cost and difficulty of finding, managing and retaining a large IT staff OR outright buying expensive software tools that we give you as part of our program. 

This is NOT about taking over your job or replacing your IT department.  

It’s also NOT a one-off project-based relationship where an IT company would limit their support to an “event” or project and then leave you and your team behind to try and support it (or give you the option to pay them big bucks afterwards to keep it working).  

It’s also NOT just monitoring your network for alarms and problems, which still leaves you responsible for scrambling and fixing the issues. 

It IS a flexible partnership where we customize a set of ongoing services and software tools specific to YOUR needs that fill in the gaps, free you to be more strategic, allowing YOU to be a true IT leader in your organization. 

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Co-Managed IT Report For IT Leaders

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