Our FREE Network Audit and Problem Prevention Report will reveal Network Conflicts, Security Loopholes, and other potential network crashing issues. We will check your backups, look for viruses and malware on your systems, identify failing hardware, and find misconfigured or pirated software. We will check your network speed and diagnose network inefficiencies. Our network audit will show critical maintenance issues that can turn into extended downtime and expensive repair costs.

In addition we will discuss any ongoing problems or concerns you are currently experiencing with your network, and answer any questions you have about future upgrades, adding new equipment, and other projects.

After the audit is complete we will provide you with the following reports for you to keep. The reports will detail all the hardware, software, network devices, printers, and licensing in your entire network. In addition there are detailed server health reports, workstation health reports, security vulnerability reports, warranty status on all your hardware, and discovery of all other network services currently running. These reports will not only identify conflicts, security loopholes, and potential failures in your systems, but will also outline the recommend steps to resolve many of these issues. The reports are yours to keep and use to repair and secure your network.

You are under no obligation to do or purchase anything. When we present you the reports we will provide you a quote for our managed services to not only repair all these issues, but to monitor and maintain your entire network 24/7 and resolve these issues proactively before they cause crashes and downtime for your employees.

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