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Imagine the embarrassment and shame of having to notify your clients, vendors and employees that your business IT system was hacked. Especially telling them that their personal and professional information has been compromised. If you’re a business owner, you are probably thinking my IT guy “has it covered”. The landscape of IT security has changed dramatically in the last two years. Has your IT guy kept up his skill set and knowledge? Most likely your current IT guy is a generalist. What is needed today is an IT Security Specialist.

That’s where JR-Tech comes in. We are a pioneer in Managed Security Services. We bring the specialized skills, knowledge with certifications and tools to diagnose your threat protection and fix the vulnerabilities for peace of mind knowing your business is secure. If you have a current IT guy you like or have an in-house IT department, they will most likely be thrilled to have us conduct the CyberThreat Audit with Vulnerability and Penetration Testing. They probably don’t have the right tools and would welcome to have an independent look at the system. (Plus, we play nice with other IT guys. When it comes to cybercrime, it takes a team effort to defeat it.) The CyberThreat Audit is a comprehensive audit for businesses that need to adhere to regulatory, compliance or certifications for government or vendor relationships. We’ll generate a report that identifies and provides recommended “fixes” to your IT system to keep you safe and meet any compliance or regulatory requirements.

Right now if you call and meet with us to discuss doing a CyberThreat Audit, we will give your company FREE employee CyberSecurity Training and Certification. This is THE best way to keep your company safe.

The JR-Tech 57-Point Business CyberThreat Audit With Vulnerability And Penetration Testing To Give You Peace Of Mind.

Our highly trained team of IT pros will come to your office and conduct a comprehensive CyberThreat Audit to uncover loopholes in your company’s online security.

During this audit, we’ll review:

  • How well your current “Threat Management” system will truly protect you from hackers, cybercriminals, viruses, worms and even sabotage by rogue employees.
  • Your current security patching strategy for known vulnerabilities. If you’re not seeing weekly or monthly reports on this, you’re probably not properly covered.
  • Your mobile-device policy to ensure that your employees’ mobile devices are properly secured. Mobile apps are another big way hackers gain access.
  • Your written Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for employees that details what they can and cannot do with company-owned devices and Internet access.
  • Your company’s password policy. Most companies are severely lacking in a proper password policy, opening themselves up to cyber-disaster.

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For qualified businesses (15 or more PC’s and a server) we’ll give you a chip into the game for $1,000 off our cybersecurity services. Use the $1,000 toward your CyberThreat Audit, remediation, or onboarding.

About JR-Tech

JR-Tech provides a comprehensive range of IT support including Managed Security Services, Technical Support, and Network Solutions for small and medium businesses (SMB’s) in the Inland Empire. The JR-Tech mission is to help our clients grow through technology by leveraging the inherent strength of “engineering in our DNA”.

JR-Tech was built on the “Engineering Design Process” model and continues to use the process to help clients business get the most out of their technological investment to work efficiently and securely.

JR-Tech was recently named in the Top 501 of Managed Service Providers worldwide by MSPmentor.

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