Are You Or Your Employees Putting Your Business Data At Risk By Using Dropbox?

JR-Tech - Downside to Dropbox Cover GraphicGiven the news about major hacking incidents and the need for more data security, cybercrime is increasing with over 82,000 new malware threats released EVERYDAY.

Yet, small and medium business owners are not aware of a potential threat vector coming from their employees… Dropbox.

Dropbox, is convenient and easy to use for file sharing platform for consumers, yet if your employee’s are using it to transfer your business data, you have a huge hole in your data security system. Download this eye-opening, free report to learn about the security risks of Dropbox – “The Downside to Dropbox – 7 Risks Of Dropbox To Your Corporate Data.”

  • The Downside To Dropbox – The Risks of Using Dropbox for Your Business Data
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