“C-Level Executives are twelve times more likely to be the target of social incidents and nine times more likely to be the target of social breaches than in years past.”    Source: 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

The stakes are high, with company data, private customer information, proprietary business and trade secrets vulnerable to attacks.  Small and medium businesses are at the highest risk.  The facts are that 60% of SMB’s will be attacked in any given year*.  It is simply a matter of time…

The most important defense is knowledge.  By gaining knowledge of the threats and vulnerabilities that your IT system faces, business owners can take crucial steps to mitigate the dangers posed by cybercriminals. 

For manufacturers, most breaches involve phishing and the use of stolen credentials with 71% of cybercriminal activity falling into 3 patterns*:

– Web Applications

– Privilege Misuse

– Cyber-Espionage

Sources: * Ponemon & 2019 Verizon DBIR

Isn’t it about time for you to be absolutely confident that your company’s data is secure and protected?

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