Disaster Recovery

Having a disaster recovery plan is the difference between having a short downtime after a disaster to never opening again. JR-Tech is there when you need us most, especially after a disaster occurs. We will be there to help establish or re-establish service. These systems must be in place as an ongoing service so that any and all business data necessary for normal functions during and shortly after a disaster are operating. With a disaster recovery plan, loss revenue during a disaster will be minimal.

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators aid the organization in defining and quantify development toward the organization’s objectives. JR-Tech will facilitate with defining these key indicators to deliver this information to shareholders. This information is necessary and essential to those that monitor and invest in your company. With JR-Tech, the assembling of these key indicators will help the company analyze the progression and direction of the company for future periods.


The business world requires more businesses to be mobile than ever before. JR-Tech offers a variety of mobile solutions. Whether you are constantly on the road, constant communication is a necessity for businesses to generate revenue. The solutions offered by JR-Tech, you will be able to connect to your business where ever you are, in the world.


Businesses utilize the sharepoint server for various reasons. Whether it is for a specific community of employees that are working on a project or using a sharepoint site to upload the various data information for productivity of the company, the sharepoint site will be able to maintain this data and information . JR-Tech will not only assist in setting up the various sharepoint sites and servers but will facilitate in the training of those employees that will be in constant use of these same sites.