“…the enterprise server performance will be improved when the server is required most”

MyServerGuardian is an integral part of any business that depends on a server to access and maintain business data. MyServerGuardian manages your current or new server system to increase performance and productivity. MyServerGuardian ensures the accessibility and integrity of your server.

Through MyServerGuardian, the enterprise server performance will be improved when the server is required most. This is performed by our experienced specialists proactively running diagnostics tests and performance examinations to ensure proper care and safeguarding of the company servers. Through these analytical tests and maintenance of the servers, the operational downtime that generally occur, when the server is maintained in-house, would either be reduced significantly or eliminated.

MyServerGuardian is essential to continually increase and optimize business server productivity. As the business develops and expands so will MyServerGuardian to provide all your business server needs. These are a some of the services that we offer:

Basic – Supervision
Server Supervision– If our system identifies a problem or concern i.e. low disk space or memory, high CPU utilization, service failures or other vital system diagnostics, our support staff will be notified and perform the appropriate measures before the issues become a serious problem.

Operational stats – Our systems enable us to collect usage and trending data on your servers. This will allow us to make better recommendations for capacity and forecasts.

Patch Administration – We will keep your servers secure with routine scheduled security updates that will not interrupt your business during regular business hours.

Fundamentals – Proactive Administration
Server Checks – In addition to automated supervision, one of our Server engineers will perform examinations on the condition of the system. Items that are examined depend on the server role and include items such as:

  • Anti-virus management
  • Review of system logs and data
  • Backup check & test restore
  • Windows server security scan
  • Exchange server check
  • Raid Verification
  • SQL server check
  • Event log review

Hardware & Software Inventory Management for Servers – Hardware and software tracking is an essential aspect of IT management. This method of tracking helps when you are planning for future business endeavors or creating a budget, as well as helping to ensure that you are in compliance with your software licensing. We monitor your server hardware and software and are able to create reports on a scheduled basis or when necessary.

Server Maintenance – Routine maintenance and critical upgrades are rolled out behind the scenes by our server engineers. This ensures that your systems are constantly operating at optimal performance, and your data is always accessible and secure.

Comprehensive Care
We offer a full comprehensive group of IT support services including network monitoring, maintenance and reporting that deliver outstanding significance for any small business. Managed by expert engineers, we support your network servers to ensure the systems stay up-to-date and operational 24/7. This enables the business to operate with less interruption and downtime, and more time and energy spent on generating revenue for the enterprise.