“…a method of running multiple virtual operating systems on a single customized server”

JR-Tech is at the forefront of server virtualization. Server virtualization is a time proven technology that has been utilized at the Enterprise level for many years. The trend has really caught on for the SMB level to leverage their IT systems through virtualization and lower the overall cost of the IT infrastructure. Server virtualization is a method of running multiple virtual operating systems on a single customized server.

There are many benefits to virtualizing your systems. Many business applications today require their own server to perform the tasks of the application. Often this server is underutilized performing those tasks. With server virtualization through JR-Tech, we can evaluate the various requirements of each application on each server and find the right balance of hardware and software to merge many of these application servers to one custom server. This allows each hardware component in the server to be utilized to its fullest potential at the lowest cost to the business.

Individual virtual servers can be restarted, restored, and reinstalled without disrupting any applications on any other virtual servers. And because the virtual servers are all hardware independent, migrating a virtual server from one physical server to another takes relatively no time at all. This feature alone is extremely useful for backup and disaster recovery, redundancy, mirrored colocation (having your servers in multiple offices/locations to prevent downtime during disaster), and technology upgrades. Our experts at JR-Tech can virtualize your current servers, build clustered virtual servers, and can even virtualize your desktop environment.