JR-Tech offers a wide array of financing options and plans to fit within your budget needs. We offer short term and long term financing at competitive rates that will help attain the capacity that your business wishes and desires.

JR-Tech offers customized programs that are organized and directed by compliance professionals with years of knowledge to regulate and execute premium, efficient compliance management. This will ensure compliance through the complete organization. JR-Tech will have the tailored solution that will suit the needs and desires of the business to adhere to the matters of compliance.

IT Management
The IT Management by JR-Tech ensures the technology resources are being used to their full potential in accordance with the needs and desires of the business. Technology has a significant responsibility in enhancing the overall value chain of an organization.

HaaS & SaaS
Allowing a business to have current and up-to-date software and hardware is necessary in today’s business world and imagine to have this accomplished through a monthly payment. JR-Tech offers plans that will allow your business technology hardware and software to be up to date. HaaS (“Hardware as a Service”) and SaaS (“Software as a Service”) are essential plans to have for any business that requires the use of information technology. JR-Tech provides complete solutions (equipment and software) as a service for one low monthly recurring fee.

Remote Support
Having trouble with a computer or hardware within the network? With JR-Tech remote IT support, our technicians can access and resolve issues or problems as they arise whether we are in your office or in our own. Our technicians operate under the most current and most reliable industry standards and infrastructure to ensure the maximum level of security measures and privacy for our users. The remote access will be seamless and will decrease unnecessary downtime related to support issues.

Network Security
JR-Tech offers various forms of network security, i.e. hardware and software that will increase the protection of the network to boost productivity based on the decrease of unnecessary downtime. ach network security system is tailored to your business needs, which ensures proper network access while safeguarding the accessibility, reliability and privacy of information.

JR-Tech not only provides the hosting place for your business site but has one of the most reliable networks and support system to ensure unnecessary downtime. JR-Tech tailors to your business needs and will create a solution that best fits your business, specifically to flow, data, and traffic of the site.

Business Continuity
The establishments of business continuity are the standards, program development, and sustaining procedures essential for a business to run flawlessly without interruption. These establishments will be necessary for all of the day to day operations and will continue to sustain normal productivity during ordinary day to day operations and particularly extraordinary events. JR-Tech assists in instituting these establishments necessary for business continuity throughout normal operations and disaster events.

IT Consulting
JR-Tech’s IT consulting division helps businesses on how best to use information technology to accomplish their business objectives and needs. Many businesses today have an IT department but at times can be having difficulties on how to continually improve and advance the IT structure within a business. That is where JR-Tech assists, by advising on new and productive methods that businesses can utilize.

Virtual CIO
There are many initiatives that a CIO maintains, some of which are: Strategic Planning, Security, Technology Acquisition, Technology Assessment and the Technology Infrastructure. With JR-Tech, the virtual CIO will help with the planning and commencing the initiatives listed above and others as well.

Vendor Management
With JR-Tech, the vendor management system will be customized to your business needs and integrate the current system or create an exclusively new system. Features generally include order distribution, and consolidated billing. But more distinguishing is the ability to increase efficiency over manual systems and processes that will increase productivity and reduce costs.

Help Desk
The help desk with be the single point of contact for users that have issues or problems with the computers or system. With JR-Tech, the help desk will provide an efficient way for support and resolution of issues or problems that may arise in the ordinary course of business. Many problems can be resolved over the phone or through the online system.