There are plenty of reasons for uncertainty:

  • continuing health and economic crisis,
  • more remote working, increasing cybersecurity threats,
  • more government regulations and compliance requirements.

Despite any uncertainty, NOW is a great time to make a positive change for your business. This coming year more than ever, you want to make sure your IT systems are safe and secure.

If you have been limping along with subpar IT support, NOW is the best time to break free and experience what fast, competent and secure IT service looks like.

What we really deliver is a profit centric approach to IT. Our deliverable is MONEY, EFFICIENCY and peace of mind (SECURITY). Our approach is unique, ensuring your IT systems and investments actually drive profitable growth and shareholder value, not just “make your computers work.”

Our approach has led us to be ranked #20 in the world according to the MSP501 by Channel Futures.

This coming year more employees will be working remotely, which places additional demands on your IT.  More remote workers naturally increases the threat of a cybersecurity breach which places your business at greater risk. On top of this, the government is increasing and enforcing more privacy and industry compliance requirements.

While all this may seem confusing, it is important for to understand the cybersecurity landscape and risks. Here are some facts to consider:

–         43% of cybersecurity attacks were against small businesses. (source: Symantec Internet Security Report)

–         60% of small businesses that are victims of cyber attacks, go out of business within six months. (source: US National Cyber Security Alliance) The costs to recover and lost business was too great to overcome.

–         54% of small business owners wrongly think they are too small for an attack.

–         65% of confirmed breaches leveraged a weak, default or stolen password.

–         $383,365 is the average cost of cyber attacks caused by compromised employee passwords.

–         $955,429 is the average a small business spent to restore normal business in the wake of a successful attack.

–         40% of small businesses experienced eight or more hours of downtime due to a cyber breach.

Now is the perfect time to make positive changes. Call JR-Tech for a 10 minute conversation to determine how we can best help you save money with better and more secure IT support. Call us at 951-319-4080 or at