The cliché of seeing in 20/20 is a reference to looking back and gaining a clearer perspective. Seeing what you did right and what you did wrong. The hope is that by looking back, we get to learn so we can be smarter as we move forward. 

Let’s take a “20/20” look at the state of cybersecurity for small business in 2019 to prepare for 2020.

 Over half of Cyber attacks in 2019 have been targeted toward small businesses. Many small business owners do not think about cybersecurity, because they think they are not worthy of being attacked. This is the reason why small businesses are the perfect target for hackers. Small businesses are the low hanging fruit in the world of cybercriminals. 

Ransomware attacks on business occurs every 14 seconds. The 2019 Official Annual Cybercrime Report (ACR) indicates that businesses fall prey to ransomware attacks every 14 seconds. In the time it takes for you to check your watch, someone in the world a ransomware attack has taken place. 

Only 10% of cybercrimes are reported in the US. According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), the total number of cybercrimes reported only represent 10-12% of the actual number of crimes being committed. 

Learning from 2019. As a small business owner, are you going to take cybercrime seriously or wait until it is too late? 

Chances are you have some doubts and questions about your cybersecurity and compliance. Your current IT guy says you are “covered”.  Maybe you are secure, but how do you really know for sure? Where do you start?

JR-Tech wants to make it easy for you to know exactly where you stand when it comes to protecting your business from cybercriminals.

To help small and medium business owners in the Inland Empire, JR-Tech is offering a FREE Cybersecurity Threat Analysis and CIS 20 Report that shows exactly what needs to be done to ensure your business is compliant with the “reasonable security” standard required by the California State Attorney General Office. 

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