Over the last several years, there have been significant increases in cyber-risks, as well as NEW mandates for greater cyber protections for ALL businesses in California.  This is being driven by a growing number of government agencies, insurance companies and other companies who are demanding their supply chain vendors have proper cyber protections in place as a condition of getting their business.

Has your current IT company told you about this? Your insurance agent?

The answer is probably no – and there’s a very good chance your current IT company is NOT protecting you as it should and is putting you at risk for the losses and financial devastation from a cyber-attack, data breach or compliance violation would cause. Imagine if your company was attacked and your insurance provider denying your claim after the forensic analysis shows you were out of compliance.  Then comes the government fines.  Could your company survive the financial impact?

For this reason, we are reaching out to as many businesses as we can in the Inland Empire by offering a vital but completely FREE resource to help you:

  • A FREE, independent, no-obligation Cyber Security Threat Assessment including Vulnerability Penetration testing.

To help, we are giving our best Cybersecurity Threat Assessment that includes vulnerability and penetration testing for FREE. This is the same comprehensive, deep assessment we run for Department of Defense clients with complex compliance needs and extensive documentation. It usually costs $2,499 but we are offering it to qualified Inland Empire businesses because we know the future of your business may depend on it.

Please call us a 951-319-4080 to see if your business qualifies for this deep assessment.