Steps to connect computer to the TV.

1. Ensure that your laptop and your TV have the VGA Connection. (Picture shown below)

2. Connect an SVGA cable to the laptop via the port listed above.

3. Then connect the cable to the TV.

4. Once both devices are connected, change the input mode on the TV to the PC mode or VGA mode. (Input mode varies by device, but most common are PC or VGA)

5. After the TV mode is switched to PC, then go to the laptop, and ensure that the image that is seen on the laptop is the same as the TV. At times there are different settings on the laptop that determine what is seen on this external display (i.e. The TV).

6. If you want the same image on the laptop to show on the screen or you want your laptop image to extend to the TV, there are different settings on the properties menu that I will explain next.

7. Right click on the desktop, and chose screen resolution (This is in windows 7, other windows versions would be properties).

8. Under the screen resolution you will see the option of multiple displays, there you can choose the options that you would like the screen to do. (Extend displays, Duplicate or show on only 1 display)

9. That is it. If you would like sound to come through the TV as well, connect a 3.5 mm stereo cable to the computer and TV, this will transmit any audio from the computer to the TV.