Steps on how to customize desktop (i.e. Change Background picture and window color, Windows 7)

1. At your desktop, right click and choose personalize

2. Once you are in the personalize window, you can choose different background images and the colors of your windows.

3. For this simple exercise I will walk you through changing your background image and the color of your windows.

4. The next step is to click on the lower portion of the windows where it says desktop background.

5. Once the window changes to show the various background images or colors, chose the drop down menu at the top to determine what types of images you would like to use. Each computer system is different in the images that it contains. You can also choose from your pictures library to even personalize the desktop.

6. Once you have changed the background image, click save changes and it will take you back to the previous window and here click on the option at the bottom of the window called window color. This option allows you to change the color border of the window.

7. Choose a color and adjust the intensity if you like to make it darker or lighter. Once that is done click save settings.

8. You have now successfully customized your desktop.