Steps on how to install a new video card on your desktop computer

1. Ensure that you have the correct video card before trying to install it into your desktop. There are various types of video cards. Check the Wikipedia site to see the various types.

2. Once you have ensured that you have the correct video card for your desktop, shut down and unplug the desktop from the wall power source. Then open the side panel of the desktop computer.

3. If there is a video previous installed you must remove that video card by taking out the screw that holds it in place to the desktop casing. After the screw is removed you can slide it out easily. (please take note as to the type of video card that you are removing because if it is in a PCI-E slot then there is a little lever that has to be unhooked from the video to remove it from the slot.)

4. If there is not a card in any of the slots or if you have finished removing the old video card, then proceed to insert the new video card into the correct slot of the motherboard.

5. Make sure to replace the screw that will hold the video card in place. This screw is essential to provide support and guarantee that the video card will not slip out of the motherboard slot.

6. After you have inserted the new video card into the correct slot, do not replace side panel yet. The reason to not put the side panel back is because in case any mistakes have been you do not have to try and open it again. It saves time to correct any errors.

7. Now plug all cables back in and plug in the monitor into the new video card. Startup the computer. At times the video card will install itself but many times there are CDs that come with the video card with the proper drivers and software for the new video card. Run that CD and the drivers and software necessary for your new video card will be installed.

8. After you have tested the video card, and it works, don’t forget to replace the side panel to the desktop, so that dust and other objects do not go into the computer, as this would create a whole other set of problems.

9. You have now successfully installed a video card on your desktop.