Steps on how to remove a previously installed program (Windows XP, Vista, 7)

1. To remove a program you have previously installed, follow the following steps to get to the program menu.

  • Click Start button
  • Click Control Panel Option
  • If your “view by” setting is set to Category, then you will see programs and the option to “uninstall a program”, click on “uninstall a program”.

2. If you do not see “view by” set to “category”, then click next to “view by” and set to “category”.

3. Once you are in the listing of programs, find the program you wish to uninstall. You can sort the programs by name, manufacturer, or install date.

4. Once you have found the program that you wish to uninstall, click the program and a option towards the top of the list will show to uninstall.

5. Click uninstall.

6. Follow the on screen prompt to remove the desired program.

7. Once you click close or finished for the uninstall process, you might need to restart your computer to completely finish the uninstall process.

8. Once the computer has finished restarted, you have successfully removed the program.